Fear is a realistic things that everyone faces. As an entrepreneur, those fears can sometimes be multiplied.

There are numerous things that can bring fear in relation to your side biz:

    • Finances
    • Marketing
    • Selling
    • Rejection
    • Competition
    • Resources
    • Time
    • Support

Whatever it is that can cause you fear, it can hinder the work that you do. It could slow your growth, lower the quality of your work, add stress to yourself and/or family, or a number of different issues.

You can learn to overcome these fears, whether you realize that that fear is not as bad it seems, you take steps to counteract the fear, or you simple get the courage to move forward despite the fear.

    1. Understand the fear
    2. Worst case scenario
    3. Best case scenario
    4. Assess the risk
    5. Commit to an action
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