Welcome to the sixth episode of Side Biz Start

  • What is this podcast? – go back and listen to the first episode
  • Main topic today – how to set goals for success

If you don’t know what you’re aiming at…

  • You will wander aimlessly and feel like a hamster running on a wheel

Define what success means for you

  • Each person and business has a different idea of what success actually means
    • Profit vs non-profit businesses
    • Side biz only vs full time
    • Size of business
    • Slow and steady vs quick growth
    • Personal vs business
  • What does success mean for you?
    • Financial
    • Number of clients
    • Time investment


  • You have probably heard about SMART goals. In case you haven’t, it stands for goals that are:
    • Specific
    • Measureable
    • Achievable
    • Relevant
    • Time-bound
  • This acronym can help you as you set your goals, but the basic idea is to have a specific destination to target and set specific actions that you can track to hit that goal in a certain timeframe. In the process, you want to make sure that the goals are a stretch, but still in the realm of possibility.

Don’t get too many

  • While going through this process, it can be easy to come up with a huge list of goals. While you may really want and need to hit these goals, it is unrealistic that you’ll be able to make actual progress on any of them if you focus on all of them. So choose just 3-5 that you’ll keep top of mind, and consciously and consistently work toward them.
  • To help you keep them top of mind and increase accountability, you can write the goals down on sticky notes, index cards, set reminders or notifications on your phone or computer, etc. You can also enlist the help of someone to ask you periodically how you are doing with them.

Helpful resources

Do you have something to say?

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